Captain Frapat


Captain Frapat is a french band formed in 2012 by Frank and Patrick. The band makes a hard n’ heavy and stoner metal sound, forming a trio along with Marc.

Highlight in the french metal scene, having even made a participation in a TV show along with Scorpions.


In 2014 they released their first music video, Bed of Mud and in 2015 signed with Secret Service Records, which released their album “Coming Home” in July 2016. In September of that same year, the band embarked for Brazil for a tour of 10 dates together with the argentine band Draconis, where they had an excellent acceptance and should come back soon. Still at the end of 2016, they released the clip Butterfly Wings, with images of the brazilian tour.

The new band was born and the message is clear, rock n ‘roll and more rock n’ roll.

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