In Rio Gallegos, Argentina, Gerardo Vargas founded Draconis in 2003, practicing a style that could be classified within melodic death metal. In 2004 they recorded their first demo, “WORM ..04”, to reinforce their proposal to live rehearsing for months and organizing festivals in their area of ​​influence.

The band improves their activities and starts performing all over the country and even dividing the stage with international bands such as Amon Amarth, Opeth, Krisiun, among others. So the band began to be respected throughout Argentina.

In 2015 they signed with Secret Service Records for the release of their latest album in Europe, “The Awakening of the Dead”, advancing a step in their career and demonstrating that distance is not an inconvenience. The álbum release in Europe by Secret Service Records takes place in August 2016, and the following month, Draconis makes its first international tour, performing in Brazil with the french band Captain Frapat. There were ten presentations, where Draconis was able to show all its potential to the brazilian public.