Early 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, four friends, Renan Campos, Ernani Henrique and Diego Azevedo unite with the producer Felipe Lameira to compose and play extreme metal on their own eay.
In between gigs, the band releases its first material in 2009, a single called “Extreme Level of Hate”, receiving great reviews and conquering the people of the underground scenario of that time, as it can be seen on the videos of this period. The fast and melodic riffs of this song and its complex changes in tempo represent what was the beginning of the identity of the band. In june of 2010 the first demo, called “When the Slaughtering Begins” was released, continuing this characteristic of sound and proportioning good gigs. Several drummers played in the band during this year on many gigs throughout South of Brazil.On 2011, Thomás Martin joined the group during the compositions of “The Wartrail”, the EP that would be launched on june that year. Better gigs began to show up and the band started playing with important names of the national scenario. 2011 was also the year that Hatefulmurder won the ‘Wacken Open Air Metal Battle’ in Rio and consolidated its place in the country.“The Wartrail” EP showed the public and critics how mature Hatefulmurder was already on that time, and that brought amazing reviews (national and international) and gigs to the band, proportioning “The Wartour”.
“The Wartour” went through 2012 bringing the energy of the Hatefulmurder gigs to new parts of Brasil, including the Northeast. During this tour, Ernani had to stop playing live to focus on the treatment of a cancer. A great and talented friend called Romulo Pirozzi filled in for his position, playing on bigger and bigger gigs, like the ones with Ratos de Porão, Torture Squad, Krisiun and Violator. The public was always showing great support and enthusiasm on Hatefulmurder gigs, what called the attention of local producers from all over Brazil.

On September 2012, Hatefulmurder had to face what was definitely the most difficult task of the band. Ernani was victim of the cancer he fought bravely for several years. This had great impact upon the bands emotion, and after some time Lameira, Renan and Thomás finally decided to conclude the compositions of the first record, in memory of Ernani. “No Peace” was then recorded and in between the mix stage of the record, an experient bassist called Felipe Modesto joined the band.

The single “Gates of Despair” of the “No Peace” album was released in 2013 and maintained the band active, with great gigs that gave Hatefulmurder an increase in popularity and acceptance. This song shows an even more mature and unique sound identity.

After some great gigs with the Canadian giants ‘Kataklysm’ and ‘Voivod’ in Brazil, some great opportunities showed up for Hatefulmurder. Cogumelo Records, the legendary label that released the first Sepultura and Sarcofago albums asked to release the debut “No Peace”. After these gigs also, the most important producer of Chile invited the band to open for Killswitch Engage after the Chilean tour that was scheduled for August 2014.

With the release of “No Peace” via Cogumelo Records and the success of the Chilean tour, Hatefulmurder reached a new level in popularity and grew its fan base like never before, what brought them the opportunity to tour South America for the first time with fellow bands Warbringer (USA) and Nervochaos (BR). ‘La Devastación’ tour, as it was called, went through 5 different countries bringing energy and metal adrenaline to south american fans and Hatefulmurder made new fans and friends on each city that passed.

After ‘La Devastación’ tour, Felipe Lameira decided to leave the band in September 2015. Angelica Burns immediately joined Hatefulmurder for a new era on the career of the band. Blog n Roll agency then signed Hatefulmurder for shows all over the world.

With Angelica Burns, Hatefulmurder gigs started to get more and more audience and while the new album wasn’t ready, the band played in big festivals around Brasil like Matanza Fest in Belo Horizonte and Rio, Roça and Roll in Minas Gerais and Xaninho Festival in Belém during 2016.

In early 2017, the new album was ready and Hatefulmurder already started to try some of the new songs live. Results couldn’t be better and people started reacting to new songs as if they already knew them. Record label Secret Service Records got interested in releasing the new material and signed the band during the first days of 2017. ‘Red Eyes’ was then released by Secret Service Records (UK) on March 15th in Brazil and digital platforms, receiving great feedback from the fans and specialized media. The band also got higher recognition as their music started to reach new fans.

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